Expert Witness Psychologists Fees

If you are looking for a Psychologist Expert Witness then you may have come up against the complex fee structures.

At the family psychologist we believe in transparent fees so we are guided by the Legal Services Commission.

Legal aid and private work by the Legal Services Capped fee structure for psychologists and child psychologists which can be located here:

The recent changes to the rate structure in october 2011 are also effected by two factors:

  1. a) the complexity of the material is such that an expert with a high level of seniority is required; or  
  2. b) the material is of such a specialised and unusual nature that only very few experts are available to provide the necessary evidence.

If you would like to tak to us about your case in confidence to get a better idea of the work involved then please dont hestiate, we offer free advice on a case by case basis. Please see our Expert Witness Psychologist  Medico Legal service page for more information about the legal services we offer.


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