School Psychology Services - Worcestershire

Our Offer for Schools

Our schools are allocated a clinical lead and key contact within our organisations, in order to provide them with a streamlined single point of access regarding their families. We are able to offer what is considered CAMHS tier 1,2,3 Psychology support/Educational/ Speech and Language/ Occupational/ Sensory assessment using an affordable, joined up approach between our clinical team. This avoids waiting lists and prevents professionals or families feeling like they are being passed from pillar to post which can often lead to parents or children getting lost in the process.


Each term we meet with our schools for case review meetings. During the case review our school Psychologist will discuss strategies (usually with a SENCO or head of SEN), and plan the next term's support provision which may consist of the following:

Direct interventions with children
Parent intervention
Staff training or Support Session (multi-family)
Class Observations
Educational Cognitive assessment
Exam Access Arrangement assessment (including Form 8 Section C)
Occupational Therapist assessment
Speech and Language assessment
Diagnostic assessments (ADHD/ASC/PDA)
A bespoke combination of the above for complex cases


To discuss how we can help your school please call us and ask to speak to our Service Director on 01562 610011.