Early Years - Working With Babies And Toddlers

Why are a child’s early years so important?

The first five years of a child’s life are often also the most important. During these years a child’s brain develops faster than at any other time, laying down hardwired foundations that will be central to who she will become in later life. Although her brain will continue to change and mature throughout childhood and adolescence, it is here that parents see the most dramatic changes in their child, and need to make the fastest changes in how they parent, often facing new challenges with every passing day.

Most of the time, these incredible changes pass by uneventfully, with parent and child adjusting to their new roles with relative ease. As with any changes, however, sometimes things don’t run quite so smoothly and parents can feel lost as to how best to support their child’s development. Here, parents are often offered huge amounts of well-meaning but conflicting advice, none of which quite fits their family’s needs and circumstances.

The Family Psychologist team recognise that at these times, families need accessible and understanding support, without having to face months of waiting before they are seen. In response to this we offer a range of Early Years services aimed at providing the support families need, at a price they can justify.

Support through complex early years difficulties
Sleep, Feeding, Behaviour, Toilet Training, Attachment Disorders
Laying the foundation for a confident, sucessful future
Clinical Assessment & Support

What types of things does psychology help with?

The support we offer to parents is as varied as the families themselves, however, there are common issues that we are asked about, including:

Bedtime or sleep problems
Feeding difficulties or “fussy eating”
Dealing with anger or “temper tantrums”
Potty training
Sibling rivalry or difficulties with sharing
Starting nursery or school


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