Gifted & Talented Assessments

Why might I, or my child, need to be assessed – and how will it help? 

A gifted and talented assessment can help you explore your child’s learning potential and provide you with a clear indication of their cognitive talents. This can be used towards school entry or inclusion on a gifted and talented support program.


What assessments do you offer - and where?

We can perform a gifted and talented assessment, at your own location which might be at home, in school or workplace. As long as there is a quiet, private space, we find that this helps to put people at ease, allowing them to relax during the assessment process and provide the most realistic view of their abilities.

We accept bookings from both individuals and their families or schools. Our full gifted and talented assessment is followed by a bespoke 10-15 page report that is recognised by schools, universities, exam boards and employers.

A list of our most commonly requested Gifted and Talented Assessment is provided below: 

*Gifted and Talented Cognitive Assessments

Our Gifted and Talented Assessment usually lasts 2 hours followed by a 30 minute feedback session. The assessment uses a full set of sub-tests to generate a Full Scale IQ. The report provides a detailed analysis of the pupil’s cognitive abilities, and impartially compares their scores to national norms for their age. This report is essentially the same as our cognitive assessments, however the report format is tailored towards school admissions and appeal boards. Our report can be useful for parents during grammar school appeal tribunals, scholarships, or whilst applying for ‘gifted child in school support’ or as a general IQ test.

Cost: Please get in touch.
*On rare occasions travel costs may need to be applied.


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