Speech & Language Therapy And Assessments (SALT) - Kidderminster, Worcestershire

We are a small team with a high level of experience and knowledge. Our differing specialisms enable us to offer a range of support and advice.

We work mainly with children, however we are able to offer support to adults dependent on area of need, including adults with specific speech difficulties and social communication disorders.

We offer extensive speech and language therapy assessment, therapy interventions, and a range of tailored training programmes for individual families, nurseries, schools and colleges.

We are able to work in a range of settings, including offering assessment and therapy in our Kidderminster clinic; in schools, nurseries and community centres; colleges; or within a client’s home. Our support is tailored to the individual’s needs and we work closely with families and other health and education staff.

If it is felt that an individual requires additional support we are able to signpost them to the relevant service.

At TFP we are passionate about supporting speech, language and communication in both children and adults. We work on a range of difficulties including the following:

Speech delay/disorder – pronunciation may be unclear or sound immature.
Language delay/disorder – late in starting to talk or difficulty putting words together or using language appropriately.
Attention and listening skills – difficulty concentrating on structured tasks or shutting out distractions
Selective Mutism – difficulty speaking in certain situations.
Voice problems, e.g. having a hoarse voice.
Social communication difficulties (including Autistic Spectrum Condition).
Mental health and wellbeing.


For more information or to make a referral please see our contact page.