Parentdish – What Should Your Child Be Able To Do And At What Age?

Our Clinical Psychologist Dr Johnson was featured again this month on Parent The article explored parents expectations of their children in in terms of activities & tasks. What we allow them to do versus, what they are capable and allowed to do. Dr Johnson supported the article and empahises ‘safe’ age appropriate ‘independence’.

Dr Johnsons quote:

Dr Rachel Johnson, a clinical psychologist, stresses: “Even very small children thrive on being allowed independence, but all children are different.”

She emphasises:”Safety is the most important aspect to consider. You don’t want to allow your six year old to stir a pan of hot soup on the stove.”

But, she adds: “All children thrive on being independent. Even toddlers enjoy choosing what to wear, putting on their clothes, packing their bag for nursery. The idea is to build on these things gradually. Children are often more capable than you think.”

Whilst your children may be ahead of you in the use of technology, many lack essential life skills partly because some parents have low expectations of how much children should help around the home.

Of course every child is different and every family’s needs slightly different but these are the ages to aim for to increase their confidence (and take the load off you too!).

The full article looks at different age groups, what parents can expect and whether you could be being too cautious!